Why Games for Impact?

Digital games have emerged as one of the most powerful mediums of the 21st Century. Research is highlighting the enormous potential of games to drive meaningful and measurable learning, health and social impact. The Center is committed to leveraging this medium to address society's biggest challenges.    Learn more »

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Our Mission

The Center’s mission is to bring together world-class researchers, game developers and digital entrepreneurs to harness the power… Read more »

Our Pursuits

The Center is bridging the gap in the impact game ecosystem with innovative partnerships and inspiring methods of transforming... Read more »

Our Team

Spiro Maroulis, ASU Fellow Sherry Thurston Tirupalavanam Ganesh, ASU Fellow Retha Hill, ASU Fellow Mina Johnson-Glenberg IMG_3025 Juli James Jeff Holmes Audrey Walters Alan Gershenfeld, Director Elizabeth Hayes, ASU Fellow Joel Garreau, ASU Fellow Bryan Brayboy, ASU Fellow Leland Hartwell, ASU Fellow James A. Middleton, ASU Fellow

The Center brings together leading researchers, successful game developers, and proven game entrepreneurs to tackle... Read more »