A game-infused learning environment for pre-service teachers that provides immersive experiences and bridges theory to practice. Read more »


The Play2Connect project researches and promotes intergenerational learning, communication, & well being through video games. Read more »

Innovation Lab

An R&D lab that build tools, tests game mechanics, & explores game-infused experiences to accelerate human potential. Read more »

Our Team

Jeff Holmes Kate Anderson Tyler Jones, Student Roberto de Roock Winslow Burleson, ASU Fellow Christobal Martinez, Student Richard Fabes, ASU Fellow Arthur Glenberg, ASU Fellow James Paul Gee, Director Steven Zuiker sashaCGI James A. Middleton, ASU Fellow Joel Garreau, ASU Fellow franks kurt

The Center brings together leading researchers, game developers, and game entrepreneurs to tackle sustainable social solutions. Read more »

Impact Guides

FoldIt Portal 2 MinecraftEdu PeaceMaker Gamestar_Mechanic-300x173 Gamestar_Mechanic-300x173 Portal 2 Atlantis Remixed: The Doctor's Cure

A tool for understanding play, reflection, & inspiring transformation to build a more knowledgeable, responsible, & empathetic citizenship. Read more »