A game-infused learning environment for pre-service teachers that provides immersive experiences and bridges theory to practice. Read more »


The Play2Connect project researches and promotes intergenerational learning, communication, & well being through video games. Read more »

Innovation Lab

An R&D lab that build tools, tests game mechanics, & explores game-infused experiences to accelerate human potential. Read more »

Our Pursuits

The Center is bridging the gap in the impact game ecosystem with innovative partnerships & inspiring methods for transforming society. Read more »

Our Team

Kate Anderson Arthur Glenberg, ASU Fellow franks Brian C. Nelson, ASU Fellow kurt bron Roberto de Roock Joel Garreau, ASU Fellow Mina Johnson-Glenberg anna2 Doug Woolsey, Lead Game Designer Adam Ingram-Goble james Leland Hartwell, ASU Fellow erick

The Center brings together leading researchers, game developers, and game entrepreneurs to tackle sustainable social solutions. Read more »

Impact Guides

peoplespie do i have a right Flower Pandemic SimCity 4 Minecraft Spore SimCity 4

A tool for understanding play, reflection, & inspiring transformation to build a more knowledgeable, responsible, & empathetic citizenship. Read more »