Impact Guides


PLAY: Games offer a unique and incredible experience for learning through play, engaging users by putting them into new roles and situations inaccessible in real life. Players become actors in their own narratives, making important decisions and confronting problems in a space where failure is merely a chance to learn and try again.


REFLECT: Our Impact Guides focus on finding the key points in game narratives and mechanics, offering prompts for players to draw forth a deep understanding of their actions within the game, within themselves, and within the world around them. These levels of reflection and insight tap into important areas of impact that can help transform society.


TRANSFORM: Through the pairing of thoughtful play and impactful games, uniting to create meaningful gameplay experiences, our goal is to stimulate social transformation toward the creation of a better world. We encourage you to push your reflection to the next level, using your play to draw greater understanding of your role in your community and society and be inspired to involve yourself in topics and issues important to you. Through the actions of many, working collaboratively, we can make a difference in our homes, schools, countries, and all over the globe.

Providing players, parents, and teachers the tools to
understand play, inspire reflection, and stimulate
transformation with the goal of building a more
knowledgeable responsible, and empathetic citizenship.

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Cultural Emergence

Games provide a creative ecosystem for the wisdom of diverse cultures to be given a voice, purpose and place in history as well as our present day life.

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Economic Prosperity

Games offer the opportunity to explore employment contexts that help develop soft and hard skills as well as critical skills to foster a strengthened workforce.

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Educational Relevancy

Games are engaging, participatory, adaptive learning systems providing players agency to confront problems, make meaningful choices, and advance at their own pace.

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Engaged Citizenship

Games inspire collective action for the common good, encouraging citizens to work together to engage with societal problems and create manageable solutions for change.

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Environmental Sustainability

Games help the public better understand the challenges and importance of sustainable practices, inspiring players to engage in real-world commitments to change.

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Public Health

Games are transforming health care, providing each of us agency to better understand, manage, & improve our choices to lead healthier lives physically and mentally.

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