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Game Savvy Teachers–MinecraftEdu

minecrafteduMinecraftEdu is a 2010 version of the original Minecraft client that gives instructors greater control over the game’s mechanics and offers the means to manage a classroom of students, tailoring their experience to fit lesson plans, relevant subjects, and their own age level and personal needs. Created by New York based teacher Joel Levin, MinecraftEdu, in partnership with Mojang, has been implemented in schools and classrooms all across the country, providing teachers with a versatile tool to engage their students with gaming, technology, and new methods of experiencing education.

Important Links and Resources

  • MinecraftEdu Tutorial Worksheet
  • A Guide to the MinecraftEdu Teacher Toolkit
  • Basic Crafting Recipes
  • Sample Lessons Created with MinecraftEdu
  • Troubleshooting

Find answers to questions, interact with other teachers, and share projects in our Game Savvy Teachers forum for MinecraftEdu!