My LifeLabs Platform

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My LifeLabs is an innovative approach to unlocking human potential, powered by platform technologies and driven by each individual’s desire to achieve great things. The process is inspired through peer stories, supported through carefully design learning challenges and peer championing, and culminates in real-world achievements.

My Lifelabs is focused on helping all people to thrive; that is, live purposeful and fulfilling lives. Exercising agency and realizing purpose become key concerns, with learning being treated as an innovative act involving imagining futures, growing potentials, creating impacts, and inspiring others—not simply acquiring rules.

Design Commitments

  • Make it easy for anyone to connect to real-world opportunities they want to pursue.
  • Make it easy for anyone to connect with people and ideas to achieve growth and impact.
  • Make it easy for anyone to champion the growth and impact of another.

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In these models, the INNOVATION IS THE LEARNER.

Through the My Lifelabs Platform, individuals are able to connect with opportunities they want to pursue, and then are supported in their journey to grow their unique potential as they collaborate with others to achieve great things—all via an invite, enable, release methodology.

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  • Connect to Peer Stories – Users engage with examples of others’ impact, connecting to stories that are related to the types of impact they want to have.
  • Engage your Passion – Users choose from available impact opportunities to focus their learning trajectory, and unlock new potentials.


  • Pursue your Opportunity – Users embark on the pursuit of personalized, real-world possibilities that position the value of what is being learned.
  • Grow Your Potential – Users connect with others to collaboratively complete challenges and support each other in achieving goals.


  • Share your Impact – Users reflect on achievements, narrating impact stories as they advance claims of emerging potentials.
  • Champion Growth of Another – Users leverage success as they invite and support others to author their own opportunity stories.

My Lifelabs Experience Flow

My Lifelabs Projects

Lifelabs: Design Aspirations

Dimensions of Wellness

The Dimensions of Wellness initiative is a collaborative journey to invite, enable, and release the capacity of every human being to grow their wellness. At the core of the partnership is the belief that everyone seeks well-being, and it is our responsibility to co-create the conditions, interactions, and resources such that they can realize this aspiration.

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Lifelabs: Dimensions of Wellness

Design Aspirations to Change the World

This initiative will enable each ASU student innovator to thrive in their life pursuits as they integrate the eight design aspirations of the New American University to achieve personally meaningful and socially significant impact.

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Lifelabs: Intel She Will Connect

Intel® She Will Connect

The She Will Connect initiative is a collaborative journey to invite, enable, and release the capacity of women in Africa to grown their digital literacies in order to unlock new life possibilities. Women will pursue learning and engagement opportunities designed to enrich their lives, at the same time they are position to champion the growth of another.

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STEM Mio is a game-infused journey to help Latino middle-school kids explore and pursue STEM college careers. Funded by the National Science Foundation, STEM Mio helps Latino youth explore their personal passions, connect those to matching STEM career possibilities, and plan the pathway to college and a career they love.

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Innovation for Impact Certificate

Innovation for Impact Certificate

This certificate will enable students to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and critical dispositions necessary to leverage the power of innovation to achieve personally meaningful and socially significant impact. It is grounded in the belief that each of us can do great things.

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