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Helping Youth Thrive in a Rapidly Changing, Digitally Connected World: From Video Games to Blended-Learning Pathways


Sasha Barab, Executive Director

In this presentation, Professor Sasha Barab will first share why games  provide such potential as an innovative curriculum. Based on these  big ideas, he will share learning impact guides available at the ASU Center for Games & Impact and designed to help players, parents, and teachers unlock the power that exists in commercial
and educational games. Attendees will be encouraged to take an impact guide and play at home, or are invited to create an impact guide for teachers that we could make available to others.

Dr. Barab will also share research related to the effectiveness of games for supporting learning. In particular, he will highlight key lessons learned that would allow teachers to get the most out of leveraging game-based learning in their classrooms. Based on these lessons, he will close with a discussion of his recent work around Thrive. Thrive is an approach to learning that harnesses the power of games, simulations and inquiry-based curriculum to help youth thrive in a complex, rapidly changing, digitally connected world.

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