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Bronwyn Stuckey

Bronwyn has been engaged in educational community and games in learning development for the past 12 years from her doctoral study of 12 successful online communities through to designing and facilitating communities of practice and coaching with Etienne Wenger. She has also worked to explore virtual worlds, games in learning and how we can cultivate identity, agency, citizenship, leadership, and community for students and teachers. Her role in the global communities of Massively Productive, Massively Minecraft and Quest Atlantis has lead to some breakthrough understandings about how digital citizenship needs to be perceived as a lived curriculum.  Bronwyn has recently found a marriage of her two great loves; professional communities of practice and games in learning, in the current gamification agenda. She spent 2012 designing game layers for large educational communities of practice tying fun, community development. individual roles and identity and teacher accreditation together.