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Qing Zhang, Graduate Student

Doctoral student in Learning Sciences in the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College. She specializes in converting to-be-learned content into actionable growth invitations with a commitment to diverse voices. Leveraging an empathetic design bias, Qing has been working on Entrpreneurial Mindset with an appreciation for the challenges that youth face in today’s rapidly changing, digitally connected world.

Qing’s understanding of entrepreneurial mindset is that it serves as a way for individuals to approach the areas of friends, family, community, work, and the world more generally with a commitment to positive change. She believes that if properly supported each of us has the power to be entrepreneurial in all areas of our life so that we can unlock better futures.

She is currently working on the Kern Family Foundation project focused on helping all youth to lead flourishing lives. Here, grounded on youth making progress in character and purpose, they can leverage the growth opportunities she is creating to grow in areas that matter to them.