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Thrive Integrations

Thrive Integrations

Thrive Integrations is committed to building, implementing, and studying transformative methodologies and technologies that empower individuals and communities to realize their potential.

No longer does opportunity have to remain the privilege of those who have access to better resources. Instead, we see research and innovation as providing solutions across all sectors.

Powerful new innovations, such as game-enabled platforms and services, coupled with research on the art and science of learning, provide an unprecedented opportunity to build innovations that can invite, enable, and release the potential of all individuals to thrive in a rapidly changing, digitally connected world (download PDF).

thrive-integrations-groupAt the same time, we are quite concerned with those that seek solutions within the bits and bytes of those products being developed, instead of believing in the amazing potential that lives within the very human hearts, minds, and hands of those using the technologies. We have observed numerous occasions in which a designed innovation is transformative when introduced in one context, and the same product is less effective when implemented in another. The key difference lies not in the technology, but the ways in which it is being positioned by those doing the implementation, and whether they are empowered to integrate the technology in the service of achieving goals in which they are invested.

Fidelity, we advance, is less about whether those at the implementation sites mirror the intentions of the design team, and more about how those at the implementation sites are able to integrate the innovation in ways that meet their needs and goals.

Therefore, the potential of our work, while motivated by advances in the learning sciences and enabled by powerful learning and engagement technologies, is co-determined by those individuals at the implementation sites, and especially by our ability to invite, enable, and support them to engage their own transformations. As such, a key tenet of our theory of change is that technology-infused experiences are most effective when treated as part of flexible services that are continually optimized to unlock local capacity, as opposed to rigid products expected to inject solutions.

We believe that all individuals are capable of, and deserve to believe, that they can do great things.

Innovation for ImpactThe innovation specialists at Thrive Integrations focus on creating platforms, pathways, and implementation processes that enable partners to develop initiatives tailored to their specific transformative outcomes. We are looking for vision-aligned partners to help us invite, enable, and release the potential that resides in their communities, and to cultivate the enabling innovations that can be leveraged to achieve this outcome. To support this vision, we have been successfully producing:

  • tested models for enabling communities to achieve transformative outcomes,
  • a suite of innovative technologies that comprise our thrive platform, and
  • a collection of design-based case studies to continually improve our practice.

Centered at Arizona State University as part of the Center for Games and Impact, our team operates under the design aspirations for a New American University, especially in terms of activity that is use-inspired and community-embedded. We are looking for collaborators to help us invite, enable, and release the potential that resides in their community.
Whereas innovations in general, and game-enabled learning methodologies in particular, can serve as transformative human accelerators, we are cautious of positioning any innovation, regardless of its potential, as providing a technological fix.

In contrast, and central to our underlying philosophy, is our belief that achieving transformative impact requires that those individuals at the implementation sites are invited, inspired, and enabled to become innovators responsible for co-producing value, meaning, and outcomes for their local context.

We have developed a suite of customizable technologies and platforms from which to create diverse pathways and solutions to aid partners in achieving their goals. While each element is powerful in its own right, the true potential occurs when they are meaningfully integrated to grow the potential of all individuals to thrive within their local ecosystem, supported by committed facilitators invested in achieving impact outcomes.
Thrive Integrations Tree

  • Life Integration Platform – to design, collect, and curate real-world integration stories aligned to particular enabling knowledge, skills, and dispositions such that players connect what is being learned to outcomes they value, including gamification layers and the crowd-sourcing of achievements to invite, enable, and release the potential of all individuals to thrive.
  • Curricular Journey Engine – for building learning trajectories known as Quests with nested missions and learning challenges that are use-inspired, inquiry-based, and game-infused, providing a delicate balance of challenges and rewards as players engage multiple learning modalities and fictional characters carefully crafted to deepen their relationship to that which is being learned.
  • Immersive Play Engine – to create simulated worlds that invite players to immerse themselves in diverse roles (e.g. scientist, explorer, inventor, political leader), confront problems, consider meaningful choices, explore consequences, and experiment with these ideas in a safe and supportive environment intentionally designed to support deep and engaged learning.
  • Learning Facilitation Toolkit – to support facilitators in tracking learner progress, providing critical feedback, and leveraging significant choices that occur across our diverse technologies and even other external systems, all in a manner that allows them to add, adapt, localize, and extend designed activities such that they align to local ecosystem needs.
  • Data Analytics Dashboard – that provides stakeholders, facilitators, and players actionable data from which they can identify patterns, trajectories, and opportunities such that they can improve performances, continually optimize experiences, and even make necessary design and integration pivots in order to maximize real-world impact.

Thrive Integrations TiagaLeveraging these tools, our team adopts an impact-centric framework and agile-development processes to allow for ongoing optimization of the products and services in response to the particular needs of the implementation sites. Our agile development process involves building an appreciation for impact goals, and then working with our partners to identify areas where we can productively contribute to the advancement of identified outcomes. Throughout this process, data is essential, providing actionable feedback into what aspects of the innovation are productive, where optimizations should be made, and in some cases where more substantial pivots may be necessary. Such an agile development process is consistent with current advances in software design, effective business practices, and what we are learning about impactful social entrepreneurship.

Each partnership is considered an agile startup, continually optimized with decisions made to maximize impact yields.

At the core of such a framework are engaged individuals, becoming innovators in their own right, as they grow the capacity to envision new possibilities and integrate components of the innovation to realize goals in which they are invested.