PeaceMaker Impact Guide for Players

PeaceMaker is a political simulation game from ImpactGames in which players take on the role of either the Israeli Prime Minister or the Palestinian President and attempt to create peace between the two countries. Choosing to play as either Israel or Palestine directs a player to acknowledge the needs of both sides, though players are able to focus primarily on the country of their choosing, learning their motives and needs in depth. Beyond managing pressing political issues, players are tasked with listening to the needs of their people, exploring different social, economic, and cultural concerns both unique and shared between the two countries. Beginning as a student project in 2005, PeaceMaker grew to become one of the most important serious games created to date. Described as a “video game to teach peace” by its creators, the game has gone on to receive high praise for its gameplay and immersive educational simulation. Notably, PeaceMaker received the 2007 award for Best Transformation Game at the Games for Change annual contest, along with placing as a finalist in both the Serious Games Showcase as well as Ashoka’s Entrepreneuring Peace contest.

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