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Many who focus on innovations for impact think that games or innovations in general provide technological fixes for broken people. We think very differently about people and the role of innovation.

We see people as longing for and capable of achieving meaningful impact, but many do not self-activate for a variety of reasons. Therefore, our designs focus on inviting, enabling, and releasing the amazing potential that resides (often never being activated) within each of us, with the role of technology being to amplify what wants to happen. However, and regardless of the power of the design, and what it evokes in the user, it is quite difficult for many to grow in isolation or within an ecosystem that is pushing back.

On the flip side, when people take risks in a supportive context with engaged peers and rich opportunities available, the potential for meaningful release is boundless.

Grounded in this belief, we have developed two platforms, some core assumptions and a theory of change with the broader goal of unlocking the potential of everyone to do great things in a rapidly changing, globally-connected world. The first platform focuses on the power of immersive play, leveraging a gaming engine that has been customized to support deep and engaged learning for a variety of topics. Additionally, we have developed a growth platform predicated on the invite, enable, release methodology, and designed to provide carefully designed opportunities with aspirational stories, learning challenges, just-in-time resources, along with an infrastructure that supports peer and champion connections.