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ThriveCast is an innovative approach to unlocking human potential, powered by platform technologies and driven by everyone’s desire to achieve great things.

Through the ThriveCast Platform, you connect with opportunities you want to pursue, and then are supported in your journey to grow your unique potential to thrive. The process is inspired through peer stories, supported through carefully designed learning challenges and mentor championing, and culminates in real-world stories.

At the core of the platform are structured opportunities to thrive, progressing through the stages of discovering, growing, thriving, and inspiring. Peer and Community interaction is a crucial value exchange in the platform. Join the ThriveCast Community, and help us to unlock your potential to thrive.

Design Principles

By leveraging the power of platform technologies and each person’s desire to do great things, we have been able to create a transformative growth experience. At its core, it is about people investing self to realize goals that are personally and socially relevant. More generally, the platform was built based on four design principles:

  • Platform Methodology:  Thin and light technology with ‘know and match’ algorithms to connect people, ideas, and opportunities.
  • Thrive Learning:  Users create value, applying what they learn to achieve goals that are important to them.
  • Connected Growth: Members share stories about personal growth, giving and receiving comments, support, and inspiration.
  • Customizable Journeys: Curated growth trajectories with multiple entry points and personalized achievements.

Members pursue connected learning opportunities as part of a community invested in creating and sharing stories of impact.

Platform Features

All optimized to meet your growth and impact needs.

Design Services

Lifelab Studios has developed an agile design process to maximize the value of the platform for your community. We are ready to assist your organization by providing enhanced services, including mapping desired growth, co-designing growth opportunities, training your staff, and optimizing products and services for scaled impact.