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Our work is made possible with the support of the following funders, partners, and collaborators.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The innovative ARX middle school curriculum games, Doctors Cure and Mystery of Taiga River, were produced with generous support from the Gates Foundation

E-Line Media

Our E-Line partnership is founded on the premise that unlocking the power of games to genuinely engage, educate and empower youth is a challenging, but solvable problem.


We collaborate on game-infused solutions for teacher digital professional development and creating tech solutions for digital literacy for women and girls in Africa.

MacArthur Foundation

Funds and resources from the MacArthur Foundation help advance many impact-based research projects and game-infused solutions for learning and civic engagement.

National Science Foundation

NSF funds support our impact-based research, whitepaper, and roundtable initiatives, as well as the Boone’s Meadow math game (in partnership with Vanderbilt).

New Media Innovation Lab

An interdisciplinary innovation collaboration to teach journalism students newsgame design and investigate game-infused solutions for impact in journalism.


We are working to bring game-infused virtual worlds and systems thinking projects for kids to life in collaboration with the Public Broadcasting Service.


Working with E-Line, NetHope, and USAID, we explore innovative tools that use the power of technology to engage young people in the digital and real world.