The Sims 3 Impact Guide for Parents

The Sims series are games available for PCs, Macs, and various other mobile platforms. There are many varieties of Sims games available; this impact guide reviews the basic edition. These game is not extremely expensive and once installed, do not require money to play. A tutorial provides guidance in how to play. The Sim games are simulations in which the player enters and explores the space as a virtual character, an avatar. “Virtual Worlds are persistent, avatar-based social spaces that provide players with the ability to engage in long-term, coordinated and conjoined action.1” In the course of playing this game, the player creates an avatar, builds a house, and starts a family, and gets a job. What is the goal of the game? The goal depends upon the player: general goals might be to manage the Sim character well, and learn about living by experiencing new situations.

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