The Sims Impact Guide for Teachers

SIMS are games developed by available for PC’s and Mac’s. There are many varieties of Sims games available; this impact guide reviews the basic edition, “Sim 3”. These simulations allow players to set up and explore a virtual community as a character (avatar). “Virtual Worlds are persistent, avatar-based social spaces that provide players with the ability to engage in long-term, coordinated and conjoined action.1” In the course of playing this game, the player creates a persona, selects a house, starts a family, and applies for jobs. What is the goal of the game? In terms of your lesson plan, this game will be interesting as a possible tool for a collaborative, construction activity. One goal might be for the student to explore design issues, and another might be to explore facets of living in the community.

This guide presents two key themes—Design and Living in the Community—and provides class activities, prompts for discussion, and deliverables around these themes.

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