“Playful Learning: Playful Making” with Alex Games

Presented by Alex Games, Educational Design Director, Microsoft Studios.

“Modding the System with Portal 2” with Yasser Malaika

Presented by Yasser Malaika, Designer/Developer, Value Software.

“Inventionering and the U.S. Innovation Corps” with Winslow Burleson

Presented by Winslow Burleson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Human Computer Interaction, Arizona State University.

“Personal Passport of Competencies” with Valerie Shute

Presented by Valerie Shute, Professor, Florida State University.

“Mind the Gap: From Research to Impact” with Alan Gershenfeld and Sasha Barab

Presented by Allen Gershenfeld, President, E-Line Media & Sasha Barab, Director, Center for Games & Impact, Arizona State University.

“Learning from the Past for the Future: Where Can ICT Contribute?” with Sander Van Der Leeuw

Presented by Sander Van Der Leeuw, Foundation Professor and Dean of the School of Sustainability, Arizona State University.

“Research & Implications for the Development of eLASTIC” with Pamela Taylor

Presented by Pamela G. Taylor, Ph.D., Professor of Art Education, School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University.

“How to Make Almost Anything: the Digital Fabrication Revolution” with Neil Gershenfeld

Presented by Niel Gershenfeld, Director, Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT.

“Responsive Learning Companions: Kid-sourcing the Development of Artificial General Intelligences” with Lisa Galarneau

Presented by Lisa Galarneau, Anthropologist.

“Teaching Teachers Science” with Lee Hartwell and Annie Warren

Presented by Lee Hartwell, PhD, Virginia G. Piper Chair in Personalized Medicine, Chief Scientist, Center for Sustainable Health Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University, President and Director Emeritus, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Annie Warren, Projector Coordinator, Sustainability Science Education Project Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University.

Lauren Resnick

Presented by Lauren Resnick.

“Neal Stephenson’s ‘The Diamond Age or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer’ in the Classroom” with Kurt VanLehn

Presented by Kurt VanLehn, Professor of Computer Science, Arizona State University.

“Participatory Assessment” with Kurt Squire

Presented by Kurt Squire, Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Co-Director, Games + Learning + Society.

“The Future of Teaching” with Kim Stanley Robinson

Presented by Kim Stanley Robinson, Science Fiction Writer.

“Teaching with Games” with Joel Levin

Presented by Joel Levin, Technology Integrator, NYC. Co-owner, MineCraftEdu.

“How Should We Shape a World with Synthetic Telepathy?” with Joel Garreau

Presented by Joel Garreau, Lincoln Professor of Law, Culture & Values, Arizona State University.

“A New Map and New Currency for Education” with Jen Groff

Presented by Jen Groff, VP of Learning & Program Development, Learning Games Network.

Eva Baker

Presented by Eva Baker.

“Casual (Game) Curricula” with Eric Keylor

Presented by Eric Keylor, PhD Candidate, Educational Technology, Arizona State University & Pre-Post-Doctoral Researcher, Entertainment Technology, Carnegie Melon University.

“The Pencil” with Ed Finn

Presented by Ed Finn, Director, Center for Science & the Imagination, Arizona State University.

“Choice: Measuring what Matters Most” with Dan Schwartz

Presented by Daniel Schwartz, Professor of Education, Stanford University.

“Loss of Standardization: A Sci-Fi Scenario” with Dan Norton and Dan White

Presented by Dan Norton, Chief Creative Officer, Filament Games & Dan White, CEO, Filament Games.

“Education Reform and National Security” with Braden Allenby

Presented by Braden Allenby, President’s Professor of Civil, Environmental, & Sustainable Engineering & Lincoln Professor of Engineering & Ethics, Arizona State University.