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Teachers Thriving Together

Teachers Thriving Together
Online PD for Summer & Fall 

Corey Scholes from the Kauffman Foundation recommended we reach out to you regarding the collaboration that we at the ASU Center for Games & Impact are doing with Kansas City area educators. Through this collaboration, we have developed a suite of growth journeys focused on teaching at a distance, supporting connected growth, early educator needs, and the area of teacher recruitment.

We are happy to make these growth journeys freely available to your district and KC educators, for your use (professional development, micro-certificates, CEUs, etc.). These journeys include:

  • Teaching Strong Online (Going beyond content delivery to provide meaningful growth and student connection in remote or blended teaching)
  • Cultivating Student Growth (From a growth mindset to effective teaching methods to creating assessments that matter)
  • Early Educators Thriving Together (Growth opportunities tailored for those preparing to teach and growing through early career experiences)
  • Me as Future Teacher (Recruitment focus, for those exploring education as a career to gain encouraging early experiences. High school, Graduates, Substitutes, Para-professionals, etc.)

As we move into the summer and fall, it is a time for teachers to shift from that feeling of barely treading water to actually swimming in distanced ed. There are many examples of hope and success, with teachers being one of the unsung heroes during this pandemic. Ongoing PD is necessary if we are going to offer our students the best possible learning, especially if schools are going to offer quality learning at a distance.

The True Innovation is in the Teacher

ThriveCast (visit Info.ThriveCast) is a customizable growth platform designed to connect, reach, and support your teachers in an app/web-based community, anytime, anywhere. Within the platform, teachers grow on paths that are meaningful to them, connecting into ideas shared by others, growing their own skills, and turning digital content and experiences into real-world student impact.

  • This connected platform gives each member the opportunity to have voice, to be seen and known for the positive impact they are creating around them.

As teachers level-up, they share out their own successes and challenges, receive feedback, inspire others with their examples, and earn micro-certificates to demonstrate their growth. In this way, the true innovation is how each teacher applies this growth to make their own lives and teaching better. This cycle of ‘connecting, growing, applying, and inspiring‘ is based in learning sciences principles for how to support meaningful growth and learning.

How the PD Works

We work with you to train facilitators within your community so that they are able to support a group of teachers working together on the online PD. Group leader training is straightforward and can be done online or simply using our guide, and it’s free to KC educators.

Once trained, the leader simply sends out a url invitation for new members to click and join, which allows them to create their free login and automatically places them into their cohort(s).

  • Cohort groups can be formed at school and district levels, or based on factors such as ‘Early Educators’ or by specialization.

There are also opportunities to use the connected growth platform to extend your message in other growth areas or to partner with us in uploading your own message and content for localized modules.

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We are happy to connect virtually or via email, answer any questions you have, and give you and your colleagues access to demo accounts to explore freely. We hope you can join us in this collaboration.  Let us know how we can best be of service to your members and community.