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About Submitting Impact Games

There are many powerful, entertaining games but not all of them have the same kind of impact. At the Center, we focus on games that provoke a change in the player or the world – change stimulated in part because of the player’s experience with the particular game.

Thank you for your interest in submitting impact games to our catalogue. We carefully consider the games submitted to us and have a process to vet games before they are included on our site. The more complete your suggestion is, the better. Games that clearly fit into our impact areas are also more likely to be approved.

About the Center

The Center for Games and Impact is an ASU center that is situated as part of Teachers College, and is advancing a number of initiatives that are geared toward impacting teachers. More generally, ASU is a university with the potential to make a unique corporate/academic partnership realizable.  The Center has been launched by ASU Professors James Gee (Chief Games Scholar) and Sasha Barab (Executive Director) in partnership with E-Line Founders Alan Gershenfeld (Founding Industry Fellow and Innovation Director) and Michael Angst (Founding Industry Fellow). Along with a network of aligned partner organizations and industry fellows, the Center will develop exemplar impact projects through an innovation lab, host workshops, provide resources and share best practices, methodologies and case studies that can benefit the whole sector.

Our Mission

The Center’s mission is to bring together world-class researchers, game developers and digital entrepreneurs to harness the power of computer and video games to create sustainable solutions for society’s biggest social, cultural, scientific, economic and educational challenges.

Submission Requirements

  1. Register for
  2. Use game submission form at
    1. *More complete submissions will move to the front of the approval cue.
    2. *Submitting Impact Guides for your suggested game will also be very helpful in moving through the approval process quickly:
    3. We will review your information and measure your submission against our mission and Impact Areas.
    4. We review and approve games on a weekly basis.

Click here for more information about impact areas.

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