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CGI Studios focuses on building, implementing, and researching innovations designed to unlock human potential.

We are committed to helping all people thrive; that is, live purposeful and fulfilling lives. Exercising agency and realizing purpose become key concerns, with learning being treated as an innovative act involving imagining futures, growing potentials, creating impacts, and inspiring others—not simply acquiring rules.

Design Commitments

– Make it easy for anyone to connect to real-world opportunities they want to pursue.

  • Make it easy for anyone to connect with people and ideas to achieve growth and impact.
  • Make it easy for anyone to champion the growth and impact of another.

a) The ThriveCast Platform

ThriveCast is an innovative approach to unlocking human potential, powered by platform technologies and driven by everyone’s desire to achieve great things.

Through the ThriveCast Platform, you connect with opportunities you want to pursue, and then are supported in your journey to grow your unique potential to thrive. The process is inspired through peer stories, supported through carefully designed learning challenges and mentor championing, and culminates in real-world stories.

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b) The Transformational Play Engine

We have built an immersive game engine that leverages commercial technologies (Unity 3D), makes available a set of customized logic blocks that privilege our design methodology, and is connected into a facilitator dashboard for supporting implementation.

This engine allows us to leverage the power of games as consequential worlds, creating rich, interactive experiences where learners can experience using that which is being learned to achieve goals in which they are invested. Unlike any other form of curriculum, these games offer entire worlds in which learners are central, important participants; a place where the actions of a ten-year old can have significant impact on the world; and a place in which what you know is directly related to what you are able to do and, ultimately, who you become.

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