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Harnessing innovations for impact

Harnessing innovations for impact

More generally, our approach to any impact partnership is to treat the initiative as an agile startup, with both partners working together to identify outcomes, develop a logic model, and to grow the design and supportive ecosystems in tandem—as opposed to simply a work-for-hire producing a one-off game product.

The following are key considerations:

  • Identifying key stakeholders and interests (ensuring all stakeholders have aligned interests and impact objectives)
  • Defining impact outcomes (clearly articulating the real-world impact for the research)
  • Conducting landscape and opportunity analysis (ensuring new initiatives are informed by and effectively building upon existing community of practice)
  • Developing theory of change (clearly articulating how specific intervention will foster desired outcomes (see Kellogg Logic Model)
  • Assembling team, engineering and implementing the intervention (applying the theory of change through the design, development and implementation of the product, service or practice)
  • Assessing and optimizing for impact (tracking evidence of impact through intervention that has credibility with key stakeholders and optimizing the intervention based on this feedback)
  • Sustaining and scaling for impact (ensuring the intervention can be sustained locally and scaled globally)
Building a game-infused ecosystem requires building trust and strong communication across multiple stakeholders with a flexible design process that iterates in relation to how well the system is meeting impact goals. A successful rollout would include processes and technologies to ensure implementation fidelity and allow for local optimization of products and services to maximize sustainable and scalable outcomes.

Continual optimization of the system requires ongoing data collection, including data mining of community usage, creating specific assessments focused on key priority areas, examining real-world participation to ensure outcome achievement and a sustainable financial model to support the team.