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Games & Impact Contest: Compose your own video game music

Musical InstrumentsMusic and art have the potential to affect our emotional states and even our perception of the world around us. Games for impact, more than simply contexts for actions taken in the world, are about what we feel and understand. They draw power and potential from key elements of music and art to do their work on us as individuals and collectively on the world.

Music Contest: Compose Video Game Music & Win!

Record 30 seconds of your own video game music and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter for the chance to win admission for two to the Phoenix Art Museum and a Gift Card to purchase your own copy of Flower*.

Rules of Play

  1. Select a game to compose your own soundtrack. Then, use formal instruments, ad hoc pan drums, mobile apps such as Ocarina 2 and Leaf Trombone, or whatever else you have at hand to create the soundtrack as a friend plays the game.
  2. Take turns playing with the game muted while your friends improvise music in response to the mood and atmosphere of your gameplay.
  3. Record 15-30 seconds of the resulting music and gameplay using Vine, YouTube, Instagram or another program you know, and share it at: with #CGIMusicChallenge or with #CGIMusicChallenge
  4. Be sure to share with us what feelings, mood, and experience you had while creating your video, and what experience you wanted to create.

*Fine Print: To be entered into the drawing for museum tickets you must:

  1. Share your video at with the tag #CGIMusicChallenge OR
  2. Share your video on Twitter and mention @gamesandimpact with the tag #CGIMusicChallenge
  3. Submit your entry by August 30, 2013.