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RebelHold joins the Center for Games and Impact in building Innovations

rebelhold-logo_logo3RebelHold, a local startup focused on bringing engineering and design solutions to stakeholder needs, has joined the Center for Games and Impact to engineer innovations for a better tomorrow. The initial development builds on the work of the Center with numerous stakeholders such as NSF, Intel, Gates, MacArthur and others creating learning experiences to raise Digital Empowerment of young African women, to inspire Latino youth to pursue STEM careers, and to engage students in the Scientific Process.

Beginning as a consultancy, the Center and members of RebelHold are collaborating to build a learning and growth platform to invite, enable, and release the potential of all of us to do great things. From the Center’s perspective, the connection to the users’ needs is as important as the technical details, and RebelHold brings a level of social commitment and interest in enabling users that is often difficult to find in a technology team.

It is this focus on the human potential that makes RebelHold an ideal collaborator in this effort to realize an innovative vision supported by a scalable technology suite. Add to it their strong engineering capability, their design sensibilities, and commitment to local ecosystem empowerment, and we have a powerful recipe for engineering a better tomorrow.

Look for updates on this exciting project in Fall!

Jason Goldberger
Michael Christenson II, has spent the past couple of decades developing businesses, engineering technical solutions to meet present demands, and working with communities to provide stability, ownership, and growth. Included in his most recent successes are an IoT platform used by Intel, IBM, Citrix, and Microsoft, a micro farming platform built to automate individual plots, increasing and leveraging knowledge of global growing conditions, and the continuation of his Mentorship business model as CEO of RebelHold. With a deep interest in the academic and economic success of students, Michael brings to the Center his understanding of life after schooling and a hands on approach to enabling others to build a better world around them. Jason Goldberger, joins the Center as part of the RebelHold collaboration. As Senior Game Programmer, Jason is responsible for engineering game interaction mechanics and for providing users with smooth, easy-to-use gaming experiences. He enjoys engineering the “full stack” from back to front end, approaching complex problems as systems to be abstracted. Jason is a former soldier (8 years U.S. Army), an avid gamer, and a passionate open-source software developer with 191 contributions to the community in the past year. Jason also has growing interests in machine learning, AI, robotics, and Internet of Things technologies. Ryan Hurst, has an International Relations academic background focusing on International Economic Relations, Global Environmental Policy, and Sustainable Urban Development. An American University (BA, MA) graduate, Ryan spent a number of years working in Washington, D.C. as a Contractor for the U.S. Department of State, Congressional Intern, and Obama Organizing Fellow. After working in large institutions, Ryan began to desire the flexibility and scalable impact made available through open source web technology. As a result, he learned how to program, design, and develop innovative web-based business models. Now, Ryan finds great joy in helping innovators translate their visions into executable strategies and designs. More than anything else, though, Ryan is a proud husband and father.