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Bringing Families Together through Gaming


Play2Connect is a service-oriented research and outreach project that aims to promote intergenerational learning, communication, and well being through video games. Founded by Dr. Sinem Siyahhan, and co-directed by Dr. Elisabeth Gee, Play2Connect focuses on designing instructional strategies, providing resources and guidance around existing games to optimize the learning potential of video games for families and better support the development of 21st century skills among children.

The Play2Connect project is based on research that suggests that playing with others promotes deeper learning and engagement than playing alone. Shared play experiences between adults and children can build and strengthen relationships and support fun learning experiences for the entire family.

To support these efforts, the project offers a variety of activities to support different levels of family learning and engagement around video games. Parents, teachers, and educators who are interested in supporting home-school connections and healthy community engagement can use services and projects offered at the Play2Connect website, such as intergenerational play events for families, teacher-training workshops, and lesson plans to explore and get involved with the on-going work.

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