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Alice Daer

Dr. Alice Daer is an Assistant Professor of English at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. She is a member of the Rhetoric and Composition faculty and teach courses on social media and videogame studies. Primarily, Daer researches how people write and learn to write with and around social media. Her work draws heavily from the field of literacy studies in education and the learning sciences.

Prior to ASU, Dr. Alica Daer was a postdoctoral fellow in Comparative Media Studies at MIT from 2006-2008. While at MIT she worked with Henry Jenkins on the New Media Literacies project and taught courses on videogame studies. As a PhD student at Wisconsin-Madison from 2000-2006, she worked in both English and Education with David Fleming, Deborah Brandt, Brad Hughes, James Paul Gee, Elisabeth Hayes, and Kurt Squire.