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Opening the Lab

The Innovation Lab has been “in the works” now for most of a year. During this time the vision has continued to evolve in relation to the activity at the Center for Games & Impact. The lab is home to a variety of scholars and researchers, students, dabblers, interns, developers, and designers interested in how games can be leveraged to improve our lives. Sometimes this takes the form of increasing awareness, sometimes it takes the form of changing our everyday interactions, and sometimes any one of a dozen different forms.

The lab is currently preparing for the coming ASU school year, where we will execute first runs of the Center for Games & Impact certificate courses. These are being designed as gameful experiences. EDT210 will explore the relationship between Games, Technology, and Society while supporting students in developing a critical appreciation of games, how society views game, how to design games, and finally how to use games to significantly impact a selected problem. EDT310 will go much deeper on that last topic, exploring the full lifecycle of games for impact development.

Throughout the year we will post game designs resulting from our weekly game jams, tutorials for making games, and new tools we design to support our own game creation and research. Our goal is to help cultivate a culture of innovation and creation, and we invite you to join us in this pursuit!