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ThriveCast is an innovative approach to unlocking human potential, powered by platform technologies and driven by everyone’s desire to achieve great things.

Journeys refer to collections of Thrive Opportunities focused on a similar growth area. A user-aware feed is designed to connect players to opportunities that have social or personal relevance, with Collection Meters tracking journey progress. Lifelab Studios has developed an agile design process to maximize the value of the platform for your community.

We are ready to assist your organization by providing enhanced services, including mapping desired growth, co-designing growth opportunities, training your staff, and optimizing products and services for scaled impact.

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Landing the Dream Job

The focus of this journey is to help students build the “resume” of passions, connections, and experiences that will enable him/her to land the job they desire. Students develop a “personal brand,” and elevator pitch about themselves, an appreciation for what inspires themselves, a resume, and emerging directional roadmap focused on unlocking the future they desire.

Dream Job PDF

Journey to Wellness

The Dimensions of Wellness initiative is a collaborative journey to invite, enable, and release the capacity of every human being to grow their wellness. At the core of the design is the belief that everyone seeks well-being, and it is our responsibility to co-create the conditions, interactions, and resources such that they can realize this aspiration.

Wellness PDF


STEM Mio is a game-infused journey to help Latino middle-school kids explore and pursue STEM college careers. Funded by the National Science Foundation, STEM Mio helps Latino youth explore their personal passions, connect those to matching STEM career possibilities, and plan the pathway to college and a career they love.

Learn More  STEMMio PDF

Journey to Thrive as Teacher

Teacher candidates and emerging teachers will engage growth experiences where they translate theory about how people learn, classroom management, and even how to be a professional to thrive as a teacher. In addition to the designed growth opportunities where they share real-world applications as part of a connected learning community, they also can play two immersive world games allowing them to practice being a professional and giving students in ways that inspire revision.

Learn more about Quest2Teach: View Project Page  View PDF

Journey to Digital Literacy

In this journey students develop the necessary skills to use technology in productive ways. Designed for anyone learning how to be a responsible user of technology, from understanding how to manage one’s global footprint, to exploring the different ways to act and represent selves in online spaces. This journey is targeted for middle-school learners, but has application for anyone interesting in developing their digital literacies.

My Capstone Experience

Starting with identifying one’s passions and assumptions with respect to the role of innovation for achieving possible futures, students explore the process of designing an innovation to realize a better future state, supporting this work through applying tools such as logic models, design fictions, imagining futures, agile startups, and rapid prototyping.

Students might simply test a component and produce a reflective analysis, or iterate and grow an innovation to achieve transformative futures. As a capstone project experience, this course brings together the previous experiences and emerging expertise to apply what they have been learning and what they are passionate about to engaging the process of growing an innovation to positively impact the world.

See Core Syllabus: View Syllabus PDF

Journey to Forgiveness

River of Justice was designed to be an interactive experience offering an opportunity to explore the nuances and complexities of personal injustices and to do so from the perspective of both the victim and perpetrators. Situated in the backdrop of the Ugandan struggle around the atrocities caused by the Lord’s Resistance Army, the player is exposed to multiple motivations and multiple responses to the injustices depicted. The game is intended to support the player in developing a deeper appreciation for notions of restorative justice, and their own internal biases. In order to support players engaging with these larger ideas in their own life, this game will soon be linked into our life-integration platform such that we can leverage curriculum around helping people deal effectively with life challenges, meaning making, and notions of individuation.

See River of Justice Book Chapter – Read Chapter PDF